Minimum training required for Surge personnel

Minimum pre-training required for IFRC Rapid Response deployments and trainings 2022 Dec
Minimum training required for Surge personnel

The aim of this list is to provide guidance to Rapid Response personnel and those wishing to develop into one on minimum required courses in order to be deployed or accepted to face-to-face training.

Since the list is rather extensive, we advise distributing it with networks on a regular, recurring basis and encourage relevant people to start taking the courses well in advance of a planned deployment or application for face-to-face training.

This list has been agreed on with all IFRC regions and is recommended to Rapid Response members (previously call FACT, RDRT or RIT) and ERU Team Leaders. For ERU members this is recommended, but not mandatory.

Please note that due to the discontinuation of Flash, new versions of the courses have been developed, which are accessible through new links. In addition, some of the courses may not be available (please see comments)