❓ Learning toolbox: what is it and why is it good for you?

💥 Spoiler alert: It saves you time and ensures the quality of your work!

The learning toolbox was originally created by Senior Surge Learning Officer Dorottya Barta as a response to receiving the same questions over and over:

  • How do I write a good learning objective?
  • I want to develop training, how do I get started?
  • Do you have a training session template I can use?

The idea behind the toolbox is simple: it has an answer to the most frequently needed resrouces related to (surge) learning. 

Additionally, instead of several people across the movement separately reinventing the wheel, it collects and curates what works and displays it in the toolbox.  

So, how will the toolbox save you time and ensure the quality of your work?

That is also simple. Before you start on any learning initiative, you should browse the toolbox by category or by tag. I wager you will find something there that you can use. A 10 step guide on how to develop training for example. Or maybe you need a guide for using virtual tools in online meetings

These are things you might have developed for your own learning initiative but they are already ready and they have the quality stamp on them provided by the Surge Learning Team. It`s our gift to you. 🎁

In case you are looking for something but can`t find it, don`t despair. Email us at surge.learning@ifrc.org

In case you have something that you think others can use as a learning tool, send us a letter at surge.learning@ifrc.org. Sharing is caring:)