Participatory learning needs analysis

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A participatory needs analysis is a way for you to get input from a wide range of stakeholders by using an online tool that allows for many people to answer the same questions at the same time. It is a great tool to use before you get started with training development.

In this document you will get a step-by-step guide on how to set up and facilitate this process.

What is a participatory needs analysis?

A participatory needs analysis is a process where you give space to your stakeholders to tell you their needs about your project. It is based on a workshop approach and designed to engage your participants and enhance your project.

Why do it?

• To ensure that you have listened to all your stakeholders – not just the loudest ones

• To uncover hidden (but important) needs that you might have missed

• To provide space for your stakeholders to explore their own needs and reflect on them

• To get engagement from your stakeholders early in the process and to manage their


• To save time by getting a lot of input in a short time and avoiding time-intensive individual

meetings or long group discussions