Induction to IFRC Operations

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Target Audience: Tier 1 Rapid Response Personnel (and a refresher for Tiers 2 and 3)
Goal: To prepare staff to navigate critical IFRC systems, policies, and procedures in emergency operations. It is aimed to make your life during surge deployments easier.
Modality: 5 weeks, online, on-demand and facilitated

The Surge Learning Team has developed the Induction Learning Programme to cover the performance gaps in operations related to IFRC policies and procedures.

It is an interactive online learning experience with scenarios based on real-life cases.

The Programme includes independent learning, live workshops, assessments, and one-to-one sessions with tutors. The pilot cohort has been positively successful (4.5/5 rating), and the feedback has confirmed that it is the best tool to help personnel spend more time on impactful work and less time on paperwork during deployment.


Read some of the feedback from the training participants:

“Again, I am impressed. This is how an online course in the 21st century should look like.”

“The selected topics are very specific to IFRC-led operations. The procedures and processes taught cannot be acquired from other resources.”

“The knowledge I gained over the course of 5 weeks was just insurmountable and I am so grateful I was selected. Yes, it was intense but worth it all.”