How to write good learning objectives?

picture of the template
Good learning objectives can make or break your training. Read on and click the links below for training on doing it well.

When you are writing learning objectives, you want to use Bloom's taxonomy. You want to ensure that you are using the right verbs and you are as specific as possible. Try and avoid using verbs such as “understand” or “familiar with” and replace them with more specific and action-oriented verbs. 

The reason for choosing action-oriented verbs is that those are measurable and therefore we can measure if learning really happened. A good exercise for this is to see if a learning objective is well written is to put it into a sentence starting with "XY, please come in front of the class and....":

“ Ada, please come in front of the class and understand workspace safety tools” - we can see that this would not work!:)

However, this would be good:

“Ada, please come in front of the class and describe the main workspace safety tools”