How to design and run meetings: a toolkit


This comprehensive toolkit provides a range of resources designed to help you plan, facilitate, and evaluate meetings for maximum productivity and efficiency. Each resource addresses different aspects of meeting preparation, execution, and follow-up, ensuring that every meeting you conduct is purposeful and effective.

Included Resources:

  1. Meeting Preparation Checklist (PDF)
  2. READ ME FIRST: Meeting Design and Facilitation (PDF)
  3. Sample Meeting Agenda (DOC)
  4. Should It Be a Meeting? Flowchart (PDF)
  5. Should We Have a Meeting? Decision Tree (PDF)
  6. Tips for Chairing Meetings (PDF)
  7. Tips for Facilitating Groups (PDF)
  8. Dealing with Difficult Behaviour (PDF)
  9. Effective Meetings Checklist (XLSX)
  10. Facilitation Tools for Meetings and Workshops (PDF)
  11. Facilitation Tools and Techniques Part 1 (PDF)
  12. Facilitation Tools and Techniques Part 2 (PDF)
  13. Five Steps to Make Meetings More Productive (PDF)
  14. Group Facilitation Techniques and Methods (PDF)
  15. HBR A Step-by-Step Guide to Structuring Better Meetings (PDF)
  16. HBR Do You Need This Meeting? (PDF)
  17. HBR How to Design an Agenda (PDF)
  18. HBR How to Run a Meeting (PDF)
  19. How Much Does Your Meeting Cost? (URL)
  20. Managing Energy Levels in Meetings (PDF)
  21. Meeting Agenda Template (HBR) (PDF)