🚩How to check your training participants understood the material 🕵️

If they don’t understand, they will ask you questions, especially since you scheduled a 5 min Q&A at the end. Right? No.

People are shy, they don’t know what they don’t know, and, honestly, the end of the session is just too late.

Article originally posted on Linkedin by Evgenia Generalova.

Here are some tips: ⬇️⬇️⬇️

✔ Check about every 5 minutes. No, it is not too often.

✔ Ask specific questions: “Boris, how many …” “Anna, when you are doing …, how much …” “What types of ….”, “What is the first step of …”

✔ “What if” question: “Alice, what if you see a …”

✔ Ask them to demonstrate skills by actually doing a task

✔ Let them drive: you demonstrate while they tell you what to do

✔ Do a teach-back: ask them to explain a concept back to you

✔ If a participant can’t answer or the answer is incomplete, don’t rush into correcting them yourself, ask another participant instead

✔ Make sure it’s not the same person answering all the questions

✔ If you find out that majority didn’t understand a concept, go back to it.


❌ Tell people they are wrong. We are not testing them, we are testing our own success as facilitators

❌ Postpone checking for understanding until the end of the session

❌ Ask “Any questions?” and assume no questions means all clear

❌ Skip check for understanding.

These and many more tips for training facilitation are available in this module of out short online course "The Art of Training".