How to assess competencies


“I’ll email you when I have something for you to do” – manager says to a new intern. 🤔

How does it sound? Positive or negative? What competency (or lack of) do we see here: teamwork, interpersonal communication or maybe ability to motivate others?

🎬 We’ve used scenes from movies and series to provide our surge community with guidance and practice on assessing competencies of others. We think it's fun :)

Our short new module takes you through 6 steps: 

1.      Preparation for assessment

2.      Observing competencies

3.      Evaluating competencies

4.      Debriefing with other assessors 

5.      Debriefing those you assessed

6.      Providing a summary, recommendations, and feedback

The module takes about 40-60 minutes, and is available on the IFRC Learning Platform. We used our Core Competency Framework for Surge Personnel, but the same principles can be applied with any other framework.