📅 Calendar for the Induction training

Here is the calendar for the next round of "Induction to IFRC Operations" Learning Programme. 
  • 3-7 October 2022: Onboarding and welcome session 
  • 10 October – 11 November 2022: the learning programme 

The goal of this Programme is to prepare staff to navigate critical IFRC systems, policies, and procedures in emergency operations. It is aimed to make your life during surge deployments easier, because it prepares you to spend more time on impactful work and less time on paperwork during deployment.

It is an interactive online learning experience with scenarios based on real-life cases. The Programme includes independent learning, live sessions with experts, practice workshops, graded assessments, and one-on-one sessions with tutors. Live sessions and workshops will run twice in 2 time zones to allow participation from different regions.

🔔 Please see the preliminary timetable of live sessions and workshops here